Link Coffee Bar on 17th

Hey hey!

Back at it with another coffee post.
This time I tried Link Coffee Bar on 17th and Downing here in Denver. I had received a gift card from my birthday back in February to the cute shop a couple doors down called Talulah Jones, so we made a pitstop for coffee beforehand.

I got my usual iced vanilla latte and was excited to see they had housemate syrups. I also noticed they serve Jubilee Coffee which is also sold at my fave places The French Press and Legends (both have blog posts on btw :))

I got an egg sandwich as well because I was a little snacks and it was super cute and tasty!

Overall the place has a nice feel and is good for working or chatting. They even had a little pile of games which I thought was super fun.

My outfit is the same as my last blog post because they were taken on the same day!! Imagine that! Haha.

But I wore my Sunday tee shirt from Nordstrom and some black flare jeans and my pink chenille cardi from work. Simple yet stylish I feel.

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Waffle Brothers...a restaurant

Hello friends!

Hope the start of your spring season has been splendid!
The weather is finally warming up here in Denver, but apparently it might be snowing soon... ugh

For now I am enjoying the warmth and some waffles!

Waffle Bros is a Denver staple if you have a love for breakfast like me. They have sweet and savory options, all including their to die for waffles.

The waffles are perfectly crisp and also have this amazing stuff called pearl sugar in them which makes them extra amazing.
They have many toppings to choose from, which enhances the experience since you can customize it to be whatever you want!

I tried the coffee for the first time and my hot latte was great! I am unaware of what roaster it is, but will probably try it again!

The vibe is casual and family friendly and is great for a quicker breakfast or brunch!

They have two locations near the heart of Denver, so go check them out if you can!

Thanks for reading,
xx, Sophia

Nixon's Coffee House!!

Nixon's is yet another one of my favorite coffee places in Denver.
It is located on Louisiana and Pearl, right off the highway, making it a pretty convenient destination.

The vibe is pretty modern, but still a nice place to do work or meet a friend.
I believe they serve Kaladi's Coffee, which is a local roaster and it's good!

And now that I think of it, I think there is another Nixon's in the Englewood area, so I should go to that one sometime!

Either way, it is a super nice spot and also carries yummy goodies if you need a pastry or sandwich!

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Keith's Coffee Bar

Keith's is a super cozy and warm coffee house on Downing St, right in the heart of Denver.

I have always loved going there for an easy vibe where I can do homework or chat with a friend.

There's lots of seating which is nice and they also have a few super comfy chairs.

The coffee is really good to, I especially note it for having low prices, which is a win.
They also have a pretty extensive menu with fun drinks, coffee and non coffee related. I'm always looking for more places with a menu different than your ordinary coffee shop.

I got an ordinary vanilla latte today and meant to ask for it in their cute "for here" mugs but totally forgot. Oh well. But they do have the option!

Thank you for reading!
xx, Sophia

My Favorite Cafe Ever

Hesitant to share this post because I selfishly want to keep this place a secret. It's too dang good.

Maybe it's just me, but I love everything about the beautiful place called "The French Press," and their multiple locations.
I only frequent the DTC and Congress Park locations, but I believe there is one near the airport and in Lakewood. They all share a menu and the same cute and casual vibe that I can't get enough of.

Not only are the locations convenient and cozy, but the food and coffee is just amazing.
My favorite dishes are the Bennie, or eggs Benedict, and the pancakes. There is some special butter that comes with the pancakes and it just keeps me coming back.

The service is quick and it's not full service, which I actually prefer.
And when this place couldn't get any better, they have a full espresso bar, including a French press ;)

I love the simplicity of The French Press and can always count on it for a solid brunch.

I love you French Press, thank you for all you have done for me!!!

hahahaha but seriously it's a must try


Dirt Coffee in Littleton, CO

Brrr...Saturday was so cold here in CO!
I walked into Dirt coffee and within five minutes of being inside, it started snowing. Great timing on my part.

It was so cute and cozy in this little coffee shop placed inside of what seems to be a house.
I saw they had house made syrups so I had to get the vanilla in my latte and it was so good!
They have their own glasses and metal straws that are for purchase too. I love the touch of personalization.

It got soooo crowded after doing homework for like an hour... I was glad to have a spot to sit!
Lots of business is a good sign though.

Definitely one of the cutest coffee shops I've been to and the latte was amazing.
I want to go back to try their yummy sounding food too!!

I wore jeans and a long sleeve Joah Brown tee shirt with my vans. The statement item is this new emerald fuzzy jacket I got on sale at W Boutique and I love it. It's pretty ridiculous but I love the color and it's easy to wear with just basic pieces.

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Valentine's Day @ Jelly Cafe!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

I know not everyone loves this holiday, but it's cute and happy and I got to wear my mauve colored shirt, so it's a nice day for me hehe!

Thomas and I got brunch at Jelly Cafe and we went to the one on University and Evans (there is another location in Capitol Hill but we haven't been there yet!)

I love the espresso drinks here, especially my go-to Vanilla latte which I got today, but the White Mocha is super yummy too.
Decided to treat ourselves to pancakes today, though the egg dishes are delectable as well.
These cinnamon pancakes are my fave so I had to go with those.
As for the donut holes, all the flavors are delicious, but we stuck with cinnamon sugar and jelly ones this time, but I do recommend the slated caramel or maple bacon!!

As I mentioned I broke out this new shirt which I actually found at American Eagle for $12...I never shop there so it was random.
The black cami over it is from Altr'd State and I wore gray jeans and my black cutout booties (sorry not pictured)
Also I want to talk about my new obsession with these little hoop earrings. I may have only got them b/c they are trendy rn but I seriously love them.

Hope you had a happy day!
Thank you for reading!
xx, Sophia
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