Waffle Brothers...a restaurant

Hello friends!

Hope the start of your spring season has been splendid!
The weather is finally warming up here in Denver, but apparently it might be snowing soon... ugh

For now I am enjoying the warmth and some waffles!

Waffle Bros is a Denver staple if you have a love for breakfast like me. They have sweet and savory options, all including their to die for waffles.

The waffles are perfectly crisp and also have this amazing stuff called pearl sugar in them which makes them extra amazing.
They have many toppings to choose from, which enhances the experience since you can customize it to be whatever you want!

I tried the coffee for the first time and my hot latte was great! I am unaware of what roaster it is, but will probably try it again!

The vibe is casual and family friendly and is great for a quicker breakfast or brunch!

They have two locations near the heart of Denver, so go check them out if you can!

Thanks for reading,
xx, Sophia

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