Union Station and Skort!

So skorts are back and better than ever.
I am absolutely obsessed with this one from Vineyard Vines. The blue and white stripes are very classic and summery. They also have it in a bright olive green color.
The back just looks like regular shorts, but the front has little flaps to give it the skirt effect. I love it, it's honestly so great.

I wore it to go downtown for the day and think it was a great choice. lol that sounds sarcastic but it's not.

As you might be able to tell, my hair is lighter and that would be from the balayage I recently had done. I felt it was time for a little change and like how it turned out! Especially when it is curled.

Today I actually am leaving for college so that will be a big change. I will still try to blog but I am not sure yet how it will be!

Thank you so much for reading!
xx, Sophia


Joggers & Adidas

Summer is already over?! It feels like it lasted two minutes.
I guess time flies when you're having fun.

School is about to be back in session and the weather is already cooling off at night. Not sure how I feel about it :/

I do know how I feel about this outfit though. I like it.

I put together this athleisure look and think it turned out pretty good. It is very comfortable, yet still stylish. I wore it out to dinner and thought it wasn't too casual.

The joggers are from Vineyard Vines, which is sort of surprising, but I like them a lot. I wore a plain white tee from Madewell and then the shoes are the best part. The color is my favorite and they are insanely comfortable. win win. I believe they are sold at Nordstrom.
I will definitely be wearing this ensemble again. Outfit repeater alert!

Thank you so much for reading!
xx, Sophia

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xx, Sophia

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