Back To School Outfit Ideas!

Hello again!
Wow it has been a long time, and for that I apologize.

The last two weeks have been absolute chaos with preparing for and starting school. I promise I am working on managing my time and committments better :)

Anyway, my friend Julia and I have worked on making this video over the last week and I am so happy to share it! Enjoy! All the outfit details are below!

Outfit 1: 
Dress: Anthropologie
Sandals: Tory Burch
Booties: H&M

Outfit 2: 
Top: Anthropologie
Leggings: Lululemon
Sneakers: Adidas
Hat: Brandy Melville

Outfit 3:
Flannel: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Converse

Outfit 4: 
Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: Gap
Shoes: Old Navy
Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Country Concert Outfit with King Ranch Saddle Shop!

Though summer may be ending, concert season still continues.
By now you have probably noticed that I love attending concerts. And with this comes styling outfits for them, which may be even more fun!

Country concerts in particular are so fun to pick out what to wear because you can base your whole outfit off of the boots you wear.

For the perfect boots, I would look at King Ranch Saddle Shop. Here are some I would reccommend for the ladies, but we can't forget about the men, so gentlemen, here are some great cowboy boots for you!

Next, I would wear a simple white shirt (extra pluses for an off the shoulder!) and either denim shorts or a denim skirt. Keep these pieces understated so you can have fun with your accessories.

Speaking of accessories, I would have fun, but not go too crazy. You want to have just the right amount to balance with the boots. So I would go with an awesome belt and then either a ring or bracelet. From King Ranch, I love these options!

Be sure to check out their site for other amazing pieces, including some items perfect for fall!

Thank you so much for reading!
xx, Sophia

Meet My Puppy Part Two!! English Bulldog Pictures

Oops here's another post all about little Chase. I didn't think you would mind...

I mean he's too cute. 

But also I don't have any outfit posts ready at the moment and still wanted to post so here ya go. 

I promise more fashion posts are coming!

xx, Sophia

Summer Concert OOTN: Shawn Mendes

Here I am again with yet another concert outfit post. Summer is just the season for it!

And yes you did read the title correctly, my friends and I saw Shawn Mendes. No, we are not 12.

Hahahah so we saw him a year ago just for fun and then we kind of fell in love. No regrets. But yeah so we had to go the second time around.
And let me just say, it was amazing.

Also the crowd wasn't mostly 12 year old as we had thought. It was pretty mixed and the show was really great.

As for my outfit, you probably would think I had planned the perfect outfit weeks ahead, but it was quite the opposite. I hadn't given it much thought and was busy packing for camp that I just had to throw something together last minute. I'm really happy with how it turned out though!

The denim jacket was a great idea because the pockets in it could hold my money, license, and ticket, so I didn't have to bring a bag. If I have the option, I don't like bringing bags to concerts because it's just another thing to worry about. And if you get hot wearing the jacket you can just tie it around your waist!

My Outfit:
T-shirt: Abercrombie
Shorts: Pacsun
Jacket: Gap
Booties: H&M

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Coffee Shops and Button Up Skirt

I wish I could go to a different coffee shop everyday. I love the atmosphere more than anything else. It's definitely my favorite place to go. 

I already know I'll be spending even more time in some when school starts and homework comes back. Yay!! :/

The first picture is of a lovely shop in Denver on Pearl Street. I love this location, and it's a must see if you're ever in Denver. The shop is called Stella's and they have an amazing area. 

The second picture is a wall from inside a Starbucks outside of Park Meadows mall, south of Denver. I just have a thing for cool coffee shops oops. Funny that I didn't even get coffee that day, but hey sometimes that's just how it goes. 

I've been loving this skirt and how versatile it is. You can wear it in any season with any weather! Just change up the shoes or throw on some tights to wear it in the cold. I was worried the corduroy material might not be good for summer, but I actually wear it all the time and it's great. 

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Adam's Camp Adventure & Therapy

Today I'm sharing something totally different than usual but it was such an amazing experience I couldn't just keep it to myself! 
I spent this past week in the mountains of Colorado at a camp called Adam's Camp. To give you a quick explanation it's a summer camp for children with disabilities and most of them also offer therapy. It's a mix of adventure and therapy opportunities for the kids and I was lucky enough to volunteer and follow along. 

Be sure to check out their site and learn more about it at

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Sunset Drives & Best Friends

Summer is starting to fade away, but there's no need to be sad. Some of the best parts of summer will still be here when summer is gone.

By this I am mostly talking about sunsets. They have to happen and are always beautiful. There's just something about the sky during golden hour, it's honestly the best time of day.

One of the greatest ways to spend this time is driving around, windows down, singing with your bffs. As I'm writing this I realize how stupid it sounds but I am continuing to write it because it's true and everyone needs to experience this happiness!!
You're welcome.

Oh and don't forget to bring sparkling grape juice and plastic cups for an even greater time!! hahahha

Also I am away at a camp this week (aug 1-6) so these posts are scheduled and I'll be back Sunday. I hope to make a post about my experience, so look out for that.

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia

Colorado Mills: Back To School Shopping!

Back to school season brings on a whole variety of feelings for everyone, including me.
It's exciting to have a fresh start and know there's a whole school year ahead of you, filled with new activities and adventures. But there's also the feeling of homework and long days in classrooms. 

Whenever the sadness starts to hit, what's the best cure? 
Shopping of course!

If you are in Colorado and have begun to think about the new wardrobe you may be needing, look no further. Head on over to Colorado Mills and shop away! They have an amazing place and endless options to choose from. They are located in Lakewood, CO, about 25 minutes from downtown Denver. 

I purchased so many amazing pieces for the upcoming seasons. If you are interested in seeing what I got, watch my haul here.

Definitely go check out what Colorado Mills has to offer! I had such a great time there and would reccomend it highly to all of you!

Thanks for reading!
xx, Sophia
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