Stop and Smell the Coffee

I went downtown yesterday and had the greatest time with my friend Julia (her blog here) so of course I am sharing my adventure.

I live in Denver, Colorado, about 20 minutes away from downtown Denver, and I love love love it. Downtown Denver is not usually very crowded and is pretty clean so it is an enjoyable time lol. There's lots to do and see so I definitely recommend going if you are in the area.

This is what Julia and I did yesterday woohoo.

A visit to a coffee shop was necessary and there were cool light fixtures in this one so that was fun. It was just a Caribou Coffee because the cute one we planned on going to was hard to find lol. But it was all good because they had macarons.

//Bag: Kate Spade
//Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

There was a really cute book store where we were walking around so we went inside and spent some time looking at the children's section because it was more fun than looking at big books. Turns out that they had some POP-UP books!!!! These are my favorite, like how cool are pop-up books. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through these ;) 

Went to get food because food is good. We got panera and took a picture of our salads to put on Instagram (NOT EVEN BASIC I PROMISE). 

It was a very good day and I am so happy I was able to go out and make memories (and take some pics to put on Instagram in the future... Oops). 

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Xx, Sophia 

Countrify it (then hip-hop it)

Hola people!! I am aware that it is Monday, not Sunday, but yesterday I didn't have time to make a QUALITY post so here I am now.

Yesterday I went to see Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes, and Lady Antebellum perform and it was super good! I'm not really a country music fan but I recently started loving Sam Hunt and have always had a special place in my heart for Hunter lol. 

Anyway I took this opportunity to bring out my most country looking boots and rock em haha. 

This is what I ended up wearing:

//Top: Anthropologie
//Earrings:Kendra Scott
//Shorts: Free People (found on Hautelook)
//Boots: Frye (purchased at Nordstrom last year)

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Xx, Sophia 

Don't Worrry, Be Happy!

Hey people! Today I wanted to give you all some tips to use when you are in a bad mood or just having a bad day. These kind of days stink. You should be living life happily! It doesn't last forever you know.

Ok before I start getting too deep here are 5 ways to turn your frown upside down (never thought I would actually ever say that, but there's a first for everything;).

1. Pamper Yourself!!
If you are a girl this is definitely the best way to feel better. It gives you a confidence boost which makes you shine inside and out. Sometimes we don't always feel our best if we don't look our best. So go and get your hair cut or go to the spa! You can even just give yourself some "me" time at home. Like painting your nails or giving yourself a facial. Do whatever makes you shine!

You are a beautiful person no matter what, but if beautifying yourself on the outside makes you realize this, that's ok!

2. Go Outside.
So there's this thing called nature. It surrounds us and is very simple to get to. Who knew!? But really. Just going outside for a bit can change your entire mood. You may realize just how small your problems are and then be able to move on and be happy. Go for a walk. Look at the sky. Listen to the little creatures who live out there. It's fascinating really.
Sunsets are my favorite thing ever. Golden hour is the best hour.

3. Get some yummy food. 
If anyone has ever told you that food can't solve a problem they are wrong. HELLO good food equals good mood. So get your booty to your favorite froyo place (shoutout to pinkberry) and indulge. It's ok trust me!! Like I said before, life is short, don't worry about the extra calories you are going to eat by having a lil tasty treat (omg I didn't even mean to rhyme!! Ahah hilarious I'm so clever). 

4. Shop
Shopping solves any and every problem. Well except for the whole spending $$ part. Whatever for once in your life don't think about that. Go to the mall. Pick out like 3 things that you think are absolutely perfect. Buy them. Wear these pieces like you own the place. Don't take crap from anyone. You can always return the clothes if they drained your bank account. Oops. 

5. Watch funny Netflix  
Ok so the last resort is, of course, Netflix. You can never go wrong with hanging out with Netflix for 
the day. Sometimes you really just don't want to leave your house and that is OK! Just tell yourself 
that tomorrow will be a great new day, but for now you need to relax. Obviously don't watch depressing movies all day, watch something that will make you laugh and lighten up. I suggest Friends or The Office because I have laughed in every episode I watch of those shows. 

Ross gets it!!

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Xx, Sophia

Sunday Funday OOTD

Hello hello!!
I hope your Sunday was wonderful!
Sunday is a great day to relax, reflect back on the week you have had, and plan ahead for the upcoming week.
I pretty much always use Sunday as a lazy day, but when I "plan" I feel accomplished and ready to take on the week.

So today that is exactly what I did, but I attempted to look cute while doing so.
Take a look:

//Sandals: Sam Edelman
//Shorts: Target
//Top: Anthropologie (similar one here)
//Sweatshirt: Wildfox (purchased at Nordstrom)

//Hat: Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale!)
                                       //Monogrammed Necklace: (Seriously the best place to get a monogrammed necklace!! Inexpensive and GREAT quality)

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Xx, Sophia 

So it's summer and you're BORED!?

Ok so summer is the best time of the year. At least for me it is. I don't have to go to school and worry about assignments and annoying people (haha) and I can just relax. But sometimes relaxing can become, well, boring. You have so much time on your hands and you don't know what to do with it.

Ever been there? Duh, I think yes.

So when I find myself in this situation I text my friends (SHOCKER).

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go out with friends, and we make it an event.
We all get dressed up and choose a nice restaurant to go to for dinner. Or lunch, brunch, whatever.

This gives you something to do, and gives you time to make memories and enjoy each other's company. What's not to love?

We obviously also took a lot of pics ;)
The gorgeous restaurant 😍 am I right
My wonderful friends 
And some more cuties


My dress is from Anthropologie, but I got it awhile ago so it's not available to purchase :(
//bralette: Urban Outfitters
//Alex and Ani bracelets: Nordstrom
//Flash Temporary Tattoos:

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Xx, Sophia


Hello hello! Welcome to So Berry Something! My name is Sophia Berry and this is my blog! My main reason for starting this blog is fashion based, but I also hope to share with you lifestyle, travel, and possibly even fitness posts.

 I love love love everything that has to do with fashion, especially styling outfits. No matter how tacky it sounds, fashion is my passion. Lol like seriously who came up with that.

I like to think that I am a pretty adventurous person because I love experiencing new things. It makes life exciting! How boring would it be to do the same thing everyday. That's not really LIVING it's just surviving. Ya know?

Traveling is a WONDERFUL way to experience new things. I want to someday visit places all over the world and live in ways that are foreign to me. Just thinking about being in a different location makes me excited. You can't live your life in just one country can you!?

Staying fit is not my number one priority right now let's be honest (haha that makes me think of pitch perfect ;) comment down below if you love that movie so we can be friends). Anyway, I still do try to workout every day. It keeps you healthy and makes you feel good inside and out. I recently purchased a boxing/punching bag, whatever you want to call it, and have been doing kickboxing routines (I got mine at Target and it came with gloves and a video!). This may be the best workout EVER (comment if you would be interested in a workout post, who knows it could become a regular thing).

Thank you so much for visiting So Berry Something!! Come back every Sunday and Wednesday for new posts! I hope you stick around!
 Xx, Sophia

P.s. Here is a picture of me fake laughing with my hair in my face so that you can get an idea of what I look like. It'd be just awkward if I was a faceless blogger. And BORING am I right??  And a little creepy. Lol. 

Hello hello! My name is Sophia Berry and I am a 20 year old trying to figure out what the heck I am doing with my life! I have made So Berry Something to share my love of fashion and to hopefully relate to you all because life can be crazy! I dream of living in a big city someday, hopefully with a job in fashion/and or writing!! Thanks for stopping by!

xx, Sophia

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